Read this Page!

Drag this Read this Page link to your bookmarks bar, open any website and this click on that bookmark to have the page read to you.

Why did I make this?
Simple. I've looked at some text-to-speech web readers and thought, I can build one of those quite simply. So I did.

After completing the above, I thought, 'Why not make it more fully-fledged?', so here's a new bookmark to drag to your bookmarks bar ma11y.

Here's the basis of the code:

      javascript: (() => {
        // Removing the noscript tags, since this can't work without JS,
        // and we don't want something like a Google Analytics iframe source
        // read out.
        const noScripts = document.querySelectorAll("noscript");
        noScripts.forEach((noScript) => {
        function readOutLoud(message) {
          const speech = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance();
          speech.text = message;
          speech.volume = 1;
          speech.rate = 0.9;
          speech.pitch = 1;
        // Read the entire page. This is what makes this a very simple reader.
        // We could easily make it much more complex.
        const itemToRead = document.querySelector("body").textContent;